Top 10 Best Private Banks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Banking system consists of 6 state-owned commercial banks, 3 state-owned specialized banks, 43 Private Commercial Banks (10 Islamic Shariah PCBs), and 9 foreign commercial banks.

In addition, there are 5 non-scheduled banks and 35 non-financial institutions. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best private banks in Bangladesh.

List of Top 10 Best Private Banks in Bangladesh

So, here is the list of the top 10 best private banks in Bangladesh.

1. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) is the largest private sector bank in Bangladesh and the first Islamic Shariah-based bank in Southeast Asia.

The bank was incorporated on 13 March 1983 and it has 63.09% foreign and 36.91% local shareholders.

Bank Name:Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (IBBL)
Number of Branches: 373 Branches, 181 Sub-Branches and 2284 Agent Outlets
Paid-up Capital:BDT 16,099.91 million
Total Asset:BDT 1,416,828.50 million
Number of employees:14,000

Source: Annual Report 2019

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2. Pubali Bank Limited

Pubali Bank Limited has the largest retail banking network in Bangladesh with almost 500 branches. The bank first emerged as Eastern Mercantile Bank Limited in 1959.

Then it was nationalized and named Pubali Bank as per Government Policy after independence in 1972.

In 1983, the bank was denationalized and named Pubali Bank Limited due to the then socio-economic circumstances.

Now the bank has been the largest real-time centralized online banking network.

Bank Name:Pubali Bank Limited
Operating Income:BDT 8379.56 million
Total Asset:BDT 565,032 million
Number of Branches:482 branches
Number of Employees:7,587 (2018)

Source: Annual Report 2020

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3. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is the first joint venture bank in Bangladesh. This bank started its formal operation on June 3, 1996. It has the largest ATM network in Bangladesh.

In addition, DBBL is one of the largest private donors in Bangladesh.

Bank Name:Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)
Number of Branches:210 branches & 4746 ATMs
Total Capital:BDT 46,083.9 mullion
Total Asset:BDT 472,355.4 million
Total Revenue:BDT 34,679.6 million

Source: Annual Report 2020

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4. National Bank Limited

National Bank Limited (NBL) is the first private in Bangladesh which is fully owned by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs.

The Bank was inaugurated on 2 March 1983 by justice Ahsanuddin Chowdhury, the then president of Bangladesh. It was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in 2001 by the ICAB.

Bank Name:National Bank Limited
Operating Income:BDT 8,784 million
Total Asset:BDT 463,575 million
Number of Branches:209
Number of Employees:4,740

Source: Annual Report 2019

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5. Bank Asia Limited

Bank Asia Limited is one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh. The bank was incorporated in 1999 by a group of successful entrepreneurs.

It has been providing banking service to the remotest corner of Bangladesh as well by 3500+ agent outlets.

Bank Name:Bank Asia Limited
Operating Income:BDT 6,071 million
Total Asset:BDT 408,717 million

Source: Annual Report 2020

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6. BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank Limited was established with the focus of providing banking services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

The bank is operated by BRAC, the largest NGO in the world. It started its journey in 2001 with the concept of financing SME entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Bank Name:BRAC Bank Limited
Operating Income:BDT 8,602 million
Total Asset:BDT 397,502 mullion
Number of Branches:187 Branches and 375 ATMs
Number of Employees:7,740

Source: Annual Report 2020

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7. The City Bank Limited

The City Bank Limited is one of the oldest private commercial banks in Bangladesh. 12 visionary young businessmen founded this bank in 1983 and opened its first branch in Dhaka.

In 2018, the bank received four awards from different organizations for providing the best banking service in Bangladesh.

Bank Name:The City Bank Limited
Operating Revenue:BDT 16,737 million
Total Asset:BDT 382,926 million
Number of Branches:132 branches
Number of Employees:4,356

Source: Annual Report 2020

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8. Eastern Bank Limited (EBL)

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is a reputed private bank in Bangladesh. The bank is a pioneer among the local banks that introduced Offshore Banking Unit and products offering including Bill Discounting/Financing.

It was incorporated on 8 August 1992

Bank Name:Eastern Bank Limited
Operating Income:BDT 14,134 million
Total Asset:BDT 336,936 mullion
Number of Branches:85 branches and 214 ATMs
Number of Employees:3000+

Source: Annual Report 2020

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9. IFIC Bank Limited

International Finance Investment and Commerce (IFIC) Bank Limited was established in 1976 under a joint venture agreement with the government and the majority of the share is owned by the government.

In 1983, the bank started operation as a full-fledged commercial bank.

Bank Name:IFIC Bank Limited
Operating Revenue:BDT 8424.60 million
Total Asset:BDT 363,412 million

Source: Annual Report 2020

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10. Prime Bank Limited

Prime Bank Limited is a top-tier local commercial bank in Bangladesh that is best known for its Corporate and Institutional Banking.

The bank was established in 1995 under the Companies Act of 1994. The bank also provides Islamic Bank Service.

Bank Name:Prime Bank Limited.
Operating Income:BDT 12,65o million
Total Asset:BDT 347,500 million
Number of Branches:146 branches and 160 ATMs

Source: Annual Report 2020

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